Are you a good Trader ?

These days everyone interested in Trading the Forex Market wants to be a Forex Trader.

To determine if you will be a good trader, ask yourself the following questions…

a Person who has a good chance at being a successful trader has the following attributes.

  • Is properly capitalized – enough money to trade and survive.
  • Treats Trading as a Business.
  • Has a low tolerance for risk.
  • Trades only when the market provides an opportunity.
  • Can control your emotions.
  • Has a Trading Plan.
  • Has a risk management plan.
  • Is incredibly disciplined.
  • Is focused.
  • Has back tested his trading methodology.

a Person who has a good chance at failure has any of the the following attributes.

  • Is undercapitalized.
  • Lacks discipline.
  • Overtrades.
  • Does not understand the markets.
  • Rushes into trades.
  • Chases the market.
  • Is afraid of missing a move.
  • Is stubborn and marries a position or idea.
  • Misinterprets the market news.
  • Is always looking for home runs.
  • Lets losers get too big.
  • Takes winners prematurely.
  • Takes trading too lightly.
  • Takes large risks.
  • Has little control of his emotions.

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